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Welcome to Jade Asha Voiceovers, the home of British freelance actress and Voiceover artist who works from her home studio in London. Perfect for anyone who needs a script professionally recorded, quickly and with ease.


If you are looking for a professional British Voice Over recording artist to help you with your advertisement, script or any other project, you have come to the right place.  Jade is a Voiceover recording expert with years of experience and can record professional and high quality voiceovers for your projects not limited to-E-learning, Tutorials,  Audio Books, Narration, Internet Product Launches, Radio Advertisement, Commercials, ADR, Animation, Gaming and many more.


Jade Asha gives you an introduction to her british voiceover services in this explainer video.

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Jade Asha Voiceovers offers a bespoke script recording services from her home recording Studio.


If you have a script that needs recording and are looking for a smooth, engaging British Female Voice Artist, then you have come to the right place. Whether it's a commercial, explainer video, animation, voicemail update or any kind of voice recording needs then you have come to the right place. 

Born and raised in London, Jade is a multi-award winning actor. Now with over 60 acting jobs, spanning TV, Film and Theatre and 500 Voiceover jobs to date, Jade is a well established face and voice internationally. She earned several best actress nominations for her role in THE INTENT(Netflix), best acting duo in THE CONTRACT and you can also view NO SHADE on Amazon prime. She is also a writer, producer and owner of  London Independent Pictures. 

Jade Asha Voiceover's is East London based where Jade records from her home studio using Adobe Audition, NT2A Rode mic and Scarlett 2i2 interface.

She particularly loves character work and hopes to continue her work especially in the animation and gaming industry. 

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Why choose Jade Asha Voiceovers?

By working with Jade Asha voiceovers, you are effectively working with a writer/ voice talent/ editor all in one.


Jade comes from an acting background, meaning she's had years of vocal training and awareness of her voice. Developing characters and natural reads are embedded in her performance and story telling. And she's won awards for her work and had several best actress nominations!

Having previously worked as a filmmaker and video editor, she is also very technically minded and a recording genius. Meaning you don't have to hire a separate editor, saving time and additional costs.

With four feature films and two short films under her belt, Jade is also an accomplished writer so can assist with script editing or writing scripts from scratch, once again saving on time and fees.

Jade is reliable, hard working and a perfectionist so the quality of work you receive will be second to none. Most importantly she is friendly and approachable meaning this will be the beginning of a long working relationship. 

What do you need to start an order?

Whatever your voice recording needs, the following will be required upon requesting a quote or purchase

1) SCRIPT- or a rough word count.

2) DELIVERY TIME- When you would like the script delivered?

3) DIRECTIONS- Any particular directions, mood or tone that you like from the reading. 

4) FORMAT- If you would prefer a WAV or MP3 file.

5) PRONUNCIATION- If there are any unusual pronunciations or words then it is usually best to send a recording of the word so that there is no confusion

How do you charge?

Generally it will depend on the script length. There are additional charges for split and labelled files, WAV files, commercial and broadcasting rights.


Communication is the key to produce the best possible product. This can be as the client prefers- via email is usually best but for larger jobs we can discuss over the phone or even do direction via Skype.  


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