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One Thousand Voiceover Jobs

I was always in love with animations, like, since forever! Disney was one of the reasons I got into acting in the first place. But somewhere behind that passion was an extra special adoration for voiceovers. For with voiceovers you are not bound to the usual limits of camera. No budgets can limit what you can create. Most importantly for me, YOUR LOOKS DO NOT LIMIT WHAT YOU CAN CREATE ⬅️(actors, you feel me?)

So whilst I always thought voiceovers was the thing that I would do when I was old and cba to learn lines. I started to think- why wait to do all of those things that I want to do later in life? Why not start now. And after a year or two of thinking “Maybe I should try that voiceover thing.” Back in 2017 I bloody well just stuck my hand in my pocket and did it.

Best decision ever!

Yes I spent months fumbling around and getting hisses in my recordings, if I could even get the mic connected at all. I remember being terrified the first time someone actually even paid me to do a voiceover. I sent the mp3 and waited anxiously for them to angry shouty email me for their money back. Lucky its never happened. I still get scared that it will!

It’s been a journey and I still have lots to learn but I’m really excited to have a business that works so well and is so flexible.

Follow @jadeashavoiceovers for more of my work.

And that thing that your thinking of doing… just damn well do it! xxxx

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