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Don’t be an imposter!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

What are you thinking? People like us can’t be successful!

How much? People will never pay that!

People say things flippantly in passing, but those words get tucked away in the back of our heads and pop up at the most inappropriate times. Usually when you are just about to do something new, or scary.

It starts as a tiny voice saying ‘Hmm, don’t forget, people like us can’t be successful’. The more you ignore the voice, the louder it gets, ‘Who do you think you are? People will never pay YOU that much’ And louder, and louder it gets!

I have worked through so many of those voices throughout the years, it’s been an exhausting battle at times, and on many occasions those little voices won. They kept me stay small, and not take the risk. But there is nothing more liberating than squashing those limiting beliefs!

As a Happiness Coach I hear women say all the time that they can’t do things, and it usually comes down to feelings of being unworthy, stemming from limiting beliefs! Those suckers will rip your dreams from you and have you still sat in that armchair, even when you are 102!

I say, enough is enough!

If I had a magic wand, I would make all limiting beliefs and self-doubt in the world disappear. There is nothing more phenomenal than someone living their true life, on purpose and on time. Other people project their beliefs on to you and that’s OK, but you don’t have to take those beliefs on board, that’s all you. Get out of your head! Beliefs hold us back, and the Ego keeps us safe. Why shouldn’t you land that big contract or role?

Can you honestly validate your limiting beliefs? I doubt it. For years, I thought I was stupid, and that I should keep quiet because no-one would listen to me, after all I am a ‘dumb’ blonde. But not anymore I’m not! This blondie is taking the world by storm and crushing those voices left, right and centre.

Take a look at what the inner voices are saying you to. If you ask them why, can they justify it? Call them out, they are in your head, rent free.

Ways to bash through those beliefs:

  • Be authentic, don’t pretend to be someone else

  • Remember what you have achieved, those wins are all yours

  • Learn from your failures, lessons teach us so much

  • Keep on mastering your craft, never stop learning

  • Listen to your own GPS, it knows its stuff

If you are on the right track your inner GPS will feel good, and you’ll feel focused. If something is untrue your GPS will make you feel bad. Look at a belief you have about yourself. How does it make you feel? If you feel bad inside, then it’s probably not true.

And don’t stress too much, there are plenty of other people living the doubt with you. Here are just a few:

You’ll be surprised!

Kate Winslet: 

“I’m there thinking, ‘Oh my God, I’m rubbish and everyone is going to see it. They’ve cast the wrong person.”

Ryan Reynolds:

"I still feel like a freckle-faced kid, faking it until I make it."

The world needs more people to step up and take chances. It’s what keeps us growing. The world needs to hear your message. Your voice might be the light that someone needs right now. Be brave and take the leap anyway!

By Tara Chatzakis

Tara Chatzakis is a Happiness Coach,

Belief Buster & Creator of the Happiness Bootcamp.

Her coaching takes luscious ladies from where they are, right now, to where they want to be by digging deep into those pesky beliefs, smashing them out of the park & reprogramming the brain to live on a different level. One that is filled with love, joy & laughter. Every woman deserves an abundance of love, joy, health, wealth & success. Especially you!

Jades book ACTORPRENEUR- A Working Actors Guide is now available in paperback and ebook at Amazon, Etsy and Waterstones

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