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Should I Get An Accountability Partner?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Success if very important to me. The more that I learn about running a successful business, the more I understand that I have to continually get out of my comfort zone. I was introduced to the idea of working with an accountability partner when I started my Female Entrepreneur Association membership. As a bit of a lone ranger, especially in business, I was a bit reluctant at the suggestion of being paired with an accountability partner. Having read so many business best sellers, I understood that if it made me nervous then that is exactly the thing that I should do. So I put my name forwards and waited for a response from my appropriately selected accountability partner.

Much to my surprise I was paired with the smart, warm, friendly and ambitious entrepreneur Julia Van Geldern. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it definitely wasn’t her! As we had our first Skype call, being both actresses we had so much in common, it was just wonderfully reassuring that I didn’t have to go through building a business completely on my own and that there was someone there who sympathised with what you are going through. We’ve even been sharing advice and things that we’ve learnt along our journeys.

Every week we have phone calls to discuss our progress and set goals which is extremely motivating. It’s also really comforting having that little bit of structure to the week and having someone congratulate you when you reach those goals.

But enough about me! I wanted to ask Julia how she was finding the process on her side.

Hi Julia, first of all tell us about your business?

Hi Jade, I'm getting ready to launch my podcast this year! It's been an idea for a few months now, and now that we're in lockdown, I felt it was a sign to start putting it together. So far the experience has been exceptionally rewarding; I love to put my imagination to work and start manifesting it into reality. Although, it is a lot of hard work starting something from scratch, I find it holds a lot of meaning to me right from the start. I'm hoping it'll mean something special to our potential audience once it's released as well. Although I can't confirm yet what the show will be about, I can say that I've been working with my partner Céline on creating the best content possible.

Why did you decide to register for an accountability partner?

I registered right away! I'm new to the UK, and so having chance to make a new friend was something I'd been looking forward to. I also know that in order to really progress forward with my ambitions, I needed to surround myself with people who are wanting to go in the same direction. It makes a big difference emotionally and mentally to have people that understand what you're trying to achieve. 

How has it helped your business so far? 

It has really grounded me in a sense of possibility. Being who I am, I don't need someone necessarily holding my hand along the way, but I do need someone to remind me of possibility in life. Doing anything that your initial community may not understand can be challenging enough, especially since many a time you have to find your own way forward. So I find it important to have a community that understands where you're wanting to go; whether they're going in that direction themselves, or have been there and are willing to give a helping hand. Having Jade, though, is extra special, since we we're in the same industry. When I heard she was an actress and had experience in production I was ecstatic! I felt so lucky to get such a good match right off the bat. Furthermore, I really felt this sense of accomplishment about her. I was a little worried, at first, that I might not have as much to offer her as she offered me, but she's been very open and kind to me. I'm hoping that some of my ideas and thoughts benefit her moving forward though. It's inspired me to move forward at a greater speed. 

Whats been the best bits so far?

The weekly calls. They're what I look forward to every week; especially when there's good news to share from either side. It's also a good day to remind ourselves of how much we've actually accomplished during the week or what remind ourselves of what still needs to be done. Especially when you're just starting, it's easy to focus on the mountain you still have in front of you whilst neglecting all the smaller accomplishments of the week. Also, having Jade be in the same industry also just adds to the subjects of the calls; it's fun to share ideas and possibly help each other with solutions.

Is there anything that we could do to improve our productivity? 

I was thinking it, but I didn't want to seem OCD, but I thought of potentially making a Google sheet where we could list what goals we had for the week and if we'd accomplished them or not. It might be fun, but it might also just add extra administration.

If we hadn’t met through the female entrepreneur association, are there any other ways that we could have found an accountability partner? 

Of course! You could either keep yourself accountable, or you could ask a friend you trust to keep tabs on you, whilst you help them with their goals if you're doing separate things. However, another option would be working with a partner on your business together (something that helps me) because you know the other person is relying on you to do your part. I have this motto that you attract what you put out; so if you want someone to show up for you, you absolutely must show up for them. That energy exchange is vital to the momentum of your goals being achieved.

What do you hope to achieve before the end of the year?

It's very important to me to have a very successful launch, and build a loyal consumer base; so my goal is to always improve where possible.

Thanks Julia! And lastly, how can people reach you?

Instagram: @soulteasweet

Twitter: @soulteasweet1


Jades book ACTORPRENEUR- A Working Actors Guide is now available in paperback and ebook at Amazon, Etsy and Waterstones

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