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Truth about being a Voiceover Artist and Actor

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Earlier this week Alaina Henderson, a British Rock Booking Agent and I had a conversation about what it's like to do each others jobs. Here is what she asked about being a British Voiceover Artist...

You’re an actress and voiceover artist – was this a natural crossover from one to the other?

Yes, I grew up on Disney films and cartoons wishing that one day I could voice characters like these. Voiceovers was always something I felt I could do perhaps when I was a bit older, when I’m raising kids but then I thought what am I waiting for? Let’s get the ball rolling now. So I did, I bought a mic, started working and its took off really fast.

Which is the most fun?

Theres noting like movie acting for me, when you have a big cast and crew and you’re doing a massive scene. I just love being apart of something with so many people involved. You are much more independent as a voiceover artist and its a lot more technical and client facing so less creative at times. But then with voiceovers you’re not restrained by your looks in anyway. You can play a character if you’re talented enough. Its a much fairer casting process and extremely diverse. It’s a very close call!

You run the voiceover services as your own business - what are the high points and challenges about running your own business?

Like any business, finding the clients is the key goal but I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now and it gets easier seeing the hard work pay off and building a great reputation. As a creative the business/legal stuff has been the hardest but I’m getting there. Recording the voiceover is easy but my favourite bit is when clients send me the finished product and I get to share it. It’s such a Buzz!

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to branch out with their own business?

Go for it. Business is hard but if you stick at it, you will see results. Find a good mentor or some kind of guidance. I’ve been working with the female entrepreneur association and I love it. I have learnt so much. It’s definitely the most valuable resource that I’ve invested in so far.

Who has been your favourite / most random client?

I really loved doing the bus stop announcements for South Oxford buses. It was my biggest job at the time and I just think it’s really cool, although I’m yet to hear it live for myself.

What made you decide to make the jump and work for yourself?

I’ve been self employed for many years but worked mainly as a massage therapist as a side job. It’s just in my nature, I had a full time job at the age of 22 and got the Sunday night blues badly! 9-5 has never made me happy, even though I miss the stability.

What’s the most challenging part?

Work can be a little inconsistent, although much more steady than acting. Colds can be a nightmare or loosing my voice but luckily that’s not very often. I just have to look after myself and do the proper warm ups. Clients aren’t always that experienced in expressing what they want so finding ways to understand exactly what they want can be a challenge but we always get there in the end.

How can people get in touch if interested?

You can find all of my details on my website otherwise my socials Instagram/facebook/twitter @jadeashavoiceovers

Alaina Henderson has worked in the music media industry for 15 years, having written for Guitarist magazine and worked on Classic Rock and Metal Hammer. She has been running her own online magazine for the same amount of time and with the bookings and promotion agency since 2017. She has a passion for rock music and loves having the opportunity to work with great bands and help them in their journeys to success!

FB: @rockchicme

Insta: @rockchicme

T: @rock_chic_me

Jades book ACTORPRENEUR- A Working Actors Guide is now available in paperback and ebook at Amazon, Etsy and Waterstones

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